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Daniel C. Caravette

President / CEO

Mr. Caravette earned his degree in Finance from Illinois State University. While in school, his entrepreneurial spirit and leadership ability could not be contained. He sold a wildly successful calendar on campus as the CEO of Samson Enterprises. Upon graduation, he turned his gift for fiscal decision making into a thriving career as a Financial Advisor for top firms such as Merrill Lynch, Citibank and Dean Witter. He earned increased responsibility and quickly climbed the managerial ranks. At Dean Witter, he was one of the youngest executives fast-tracked to a First Vice President position. At that point, Mr. Caravette realized that while he enjoyed increasing the net worth of his clients, he loved building businesses even more. His next career move was to explore the venture capital arena where he guided multiple companies to market. His relentless energy also led him to own and invest in a multitude of businesses—from restaurants and nightclubs to salons and spas. He was in complete control of his businesses—from concept and design to operations and marketing, and was responsible for over 150 employees. Most recently, he recognized the huge opportunity available in the marijuana cultivation industry and was instrumental in the development and expansion of two cannabis companies. His negotiation, managerial and problem-solving skills make him the right leader to help Sin City Cultivation reach its lofty goal—to become the first Fortune 500 cannabis company.

Ben Burkhardt


Mr. Burkhardt is a medical marijuana industry veteran with 17 years of infused products, retail, and growing expertise. He began his career cultivating for San Francisco Bay Area dispensaries such as Berkeley Patient’s Group and C.H.A.M.P. in 1998, and later the medical marijuana community in Los Angeles. In 2009, he relocated to Colorado, where his company, has become the cannabis industry’s leading retailer, producer, and employer, with 13 retail locations and more than 450 employees. Mr. Burkhardt’s management systems and thorough understanding of the cannabis plant, medical cannabis patients, and market analysis have proven to be extremely successful “at scale,” as he is the first operator to cultivate in a facility greater than 100,000 square feet. Mr. Burkhardt has recently sold his interests in the Colorado business and has joined the Sin City Cultivation team.