Sin City Cultivation takes an unwavering ROI approach to business.

Why Sin City?

Sin City Cultivation takes an unwavering ROI approach to business. Sin City Cultivations’ founder has been involved in all aspects of the marijuana boom in Colorado for the past several years including everything from deal structure and project launch to operations and financing.  He has sourced millions of dollars in expansion and operational capital for their Colorado operations and will transfer this knowledge to Las Vegas.

In addition to our experience, our facility also provides a substantial advantage. We have access to over 30,000 sq. ft. under phase 1 and an additional 100,000 sq. ft. under phase 2 for recreational cultivation and productions.

Just as important, our focus on production and cultivation helps us maximize quality control of the product. Although basic economic principles of supply and demand will determine product price, our theory is that being one of the largest cultivation facilities in Las Vegas allows us the opportunity to supply ALL of the dispensaries in Las Vegas. This grants us diversified paths to market and ultimately better financial stability.

Lastly, our production facility allows the build-out of product specific manufacturing divisions. In anticipation of pro-recreational use legislation in 2016, we are currently designing manufacturing facilities to accommodate the flowering, edible, topical, and vape cartridge markets.

Sin City Cultivation plans to be a highly visible leader in Nevada and position themselves for national expansion with an eventual public offering on NASDAQ, Amex, NYSE or through acquisition by a major pharmaceutical, tobacco, or alcohol company.


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